Welcome Marcus Butler – new Chief Customer Officer of Europe’s first fully digital insurance company

INSURANCE. Boring, right? People often sigh at the word insurance. That’s because the experience with insurance is completely out of sync with the way the world and technology has progressed and quite frankly I’m sick of it. Can you believe paperwork is still the industry norm? When I think of insurance I picture long contracts I don’t understand, a lack of transparency and difficulty in communication with the companies.

I’m not the only one, more and more young people share this opinion. Engagement between young people and insurance is continuing to decrease year on year. While mandatory services like car insurance are still comparable to the older generations, fewer own a policy in life or home cover. I recently watched this video showcasing the work of a great charity organization 7families. They provide people who have lost everything the same financial support that they would have received if they were covered with insurance. It’s an emotional watch and quickly hits how fortunate we are but how quickly your life can change and the financial strains that come with something so tragic.

Insurance won’t protect you from terrible things happening in your life, but it will help overcome some of these unfortunate moments. Having the safety net of an insurance policy allows you to live your life more freely without those worries. At the heart of it insurance is actually an amazing product – but what’s happened?

The big companies have completely failed in connecting with young people and making them aware of the value on offer. People want simplicity, transparency and convenience. I don’t want to spend hours reading through documents full of terminology that confuses me. I want something that’s at the reach of my fingertips and available in minutes, that i clearly understand and have confidence in. In my new role as the Chief Customer Officer at ONE, i want to make sure that we design insurance for the people. According to a study of Gallup this is what people want and this is what we will offer at ONE.

 One App, no more paperwork

From now on you can manage all services related to your insurance online or via App. Purchasing coverage with ONE is simple and quick. Miri, our personal insurance expert, will guide you through the application process. Just enter some basic information including name, home address, etc., then answer a few questions, and Miri will find the appropriate coverage for you.

Currently, ONE is proud to offer household and private liability insurance specifically tailored to all of your personal needs.

For example, if you have just bought a new bicycle and wish to insure it against theft on the road: Simply select the amount you paid for the bicycle and with your registration you will receive a
ONE insurance quote instantly. The final step in this process is entering your payment details for the quoted monthly premium payment. You may select a preference between Credit Card and SEPA Direct Debit. That’s it – we’ll check your application in a few seconds and if everything looks good, you are insured instantly!

It really is that easy – completely insured in less than 3 minutes. Fully digital – no paper work.

The easiest way to make a Claim

We hope you never have to file a claim with us, however if you do, ONE is there for you. Our claims specialists are working around the clock to assist you and strive to settle claims in as little as three minutes.

Should I make a claim for every incident? – Although this is a personal decision, consider the value of the damage compared to your deductible before making an insurance claim. If the difference is negligible, you may choose not to make a claim, especially if it means losing your claims free bonus points. See how our Bonus System works.

ONE is always there for you

ONE is always at your fingertips with our self-service functions like changing your active policy or submitting a claim. You are of course also welcome to contact us via other channels as well: The chat function in your ONE App will be available soon, till then, simply send us an Email to kun[email protected] Whenever you wish to speak to one of our lovely customer service managers, please feel free to call our German Service team on 0800-01 70000 or +49 (0) 30 311 985-14.

We are fully determined to deliver complete customer satisfaction. For all your inquiries, we are committed to answer within a certain time frame, the so-called service level agreement (SLA). This means that we are always standing by, available to solve your problems, regardless of their nature or how complicated the issue.

For general questions or inquiries during our business hours, you can expect an answer within one hour, regardless on which channel you contacted us. For more complex cases, this one hour SLA applies as well, but it may occur that we need an additional eight hours to gather and process more insights, e.g. testimonies or information from third parties like a weather data provider or a claims specialist. In every case, we will always keep you up to date via emails and in case of a claim our innovative claims-tracker provides information on the progress. Through this program, we offer you the maximum transparency as well as the highest possible level of expectation management.

Marcus Butler, neuer Chief Customer Officer von ONE Insurance