Planting Trees for the Planet

In the past decade, 2019 stood out like no other in the name of climate change. The Fridays for Future inspired millions of people globally to take to the streets and to stand up and be counted in the name of demanding climate change from their governments and institutions.

In December 2019 at the Climate crisis meeting in Madrid the motto of ‘It is time to handle’ was unveiled. Something which spoke to us.

Many colleagues at ONE also believe that it is time to act and so we looked up alternatives to how we can do our part as individuals (less flights, more digital meetings) but also as a company. This also created obstacles as we quickly realised even authentic ideas can quickly be slandered as ‘Greenwashing’ so we thought we will do something with our own hands.

With Plant-My-Tree we have an amazing partner who is enabling us to do exactly that! They have been planting more trees around Germany since 2007 and have already helped plant 140.000 trees in regional projects, helping forests regain their strength, thus helping local, regional and national goals.

Our mixed forest will grow for at least 99 years and can therefore bind a lot of CO2. In addition, the areas are accessible, making it easy for everyone to understand where our ONE mixed forest is located.

At the end of February 2020 the time had finally come! We swung the spade in Schleswig-Holstein and, together with Plant-my-Tree, brought the first 10,000 seedlings of Red Oak, Douglas Fir and Coastal Fir into the ground.

These wonderful tree species are perfect for the problematic conditions of climate change and will not only bind a large amount of CO2 in the coming decades, but will also produce vital oxygen.

If you would also like to support climate change locally, feel free to inform yourself on the website of our climate protection partner.

Every tree counts!