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Claims? From 😴 to 🚀

Submit a claim through the ONE app and get money direct to your bank account.

Insurance meets Lifestyle: ONECoach 🤓

Welcome to the future of predictive risk and insurance. ONECoach is there to help you assess risk, reward you for good living and then build insurance packages around your lifestyle.

GEOTriggering 🛫 🌍 🛬

Coming soon: With the help of our GPS module, you can instantly conclude a short term insurance module around your life. With our Travel Light package for example, you're just one click away from amazing coverage on your next city trip to Athens, Rome, London or Paris, and can be finished the moment you land again at the airport. Oh and its free. Cool, right?

ONE Policy. ONE Price.

When things get serious, you no longer have to run from insurer to insurer, looking for different reference numbers and contacts. At ONE, your entire insurance coverage is combined in ONE single policy at ONE single price with ONE single point of contact.

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Strong Partners

Munich Re is one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions and active in all insurance sectors. The company is characterized by unique risk know-how, experience and financial solidity and provides reinsurance coverage for ONE. In addition, Munich Re supports product development and data analytics as a permanent partner for the further growth of ONE.

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